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Ocon & WAGThe 2017 Formula One season brought us a number of new faces. Among those new faces is Esteban Ocon, a French racing driver who currently drives for Force India. And before I get a few emails from our rabid readers telling me that Ocon raced for Manor Racing in the 2016 season, the 2017 season is Ocon’s first as a full time driver. Ipso facto, Ocon’s first year. But lets not argue. You clicked into this column for love, so it is love you shall receive.

BrasseurEsteban Ocon is only twenty-years-old, and you may think, just like you thought for Max Verstappen, Ocon is not ready for a full time relationship. That has not stopped Esteban however. A typical Frenchman, Ocon has jumped head first into dating by coupling off with a young lifestyle blogger and model named Alice Brasseur. We do not know exactly how these two lovebirds met, but our money is on Ocon spending a few too many hours browsing Instagram. Or perhaps Brasseur used her “fame” to gain access to an exclusive Formula One event. Either way, the couple is head over heels for one another.

You might have a few questions at this point. Are they going to last? What do they talk about all day? How do you even become a famous lifestyle blogger and model? All valid questions, but answers we will need to wait for. We are in it for the long haul with these two. Make sure to read future F1 Newsletter issues for updates.

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