Rob wakes up each day wondering if it’s too late to get into karting and then make the leap to F1 (it is), but in the meantime, he enjoys watching the Sunday races and writing about them. It wasn’t too long ago that Rob watched F1 primarily for the excuse to gather and drink bloody marys on Sunday mornings. Now he’s a passionate McLaren Honda fan and believes that Alonso can do no wrong. To help spur Alonso to a much-deserved win, Rob often sports his Alonso/McLaren t-shirt on race days. The shirt was $80, but $80CAN, so it was really a steal. Rob hopes his wife doesn’t see this and take away the credit card.


A gear-head through and through, Charlie was first drawn to Formula One by the glitz and glamour. These days he is more interested in tyre degradation, engine reliability, and finding the perfect racing line. It is only a matter of time before he is pulled over speeding through the apex of a highway on-ramp. Charlie was naturally drawn to the Australian driver, Daniel Ricciardo, and has aligned himself with team Red Bull. After all, it’s all about the F1 lifestyle.


Late to the F1 game, Andrew has not taken his foot off the gas since joining The F1 Newsletter staff.  He has managed to stay grounded despite the fame, and riches bestowed on the ‘Editor in Chief’ of the fastest growing comedic/informational Formula 1 newsletter in the greater Boston area. Andrew isn’t shy about his love for Scuderia Ferrari.  He was recently quoted as saying, “In my opinion, Enzo Ferrari is Italy’s 20th century answer to Sandro Botticelli.”   


Most call him the Bad Boy of Formula 1 newsletters.  Some say he has the best hair on the staff.  A few have called him offensive.  But everyone agrees, he lives and breathes motor sport. Don’t be shy, feel free to buy John a beer and shoot it about racing.  He supports all things F1, but cheers loudest for Red Bull on Sundays.