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The moment has arrived. The prince has been crowned and a new reign has begun. All hail young Max Verstappen.

Okay, so maybe that is a bit over the top, but everyone who is anyone knows that Max Verstappen is the next greatest thing in Formula One. And if we do a bit of self assessment here at the F1 Newsletter, it is a travesty that we have not yet covered the ins and outs of Max’s love life. Now I hear some of you loyal readers asking yourself, “Why do I care about some 19-year-old’s romantic interests?” Let me tell you this. The kid is just as exciting off the track as he is on. He sure does play it fast and loose.    Verstappen Cook 

Let us start with Sabre Cook. The first confirmed girlfriend of Verstappen, Cook is a 22-year-old mechanical engineer from Grand Junction, Colorado that also happens be tearing up the US karting circuit. Smart and fast, Cook was the real deal. The couple did not last long, however, as the distance proved to be too much.

Mikaela MaxWhat does a guy do when his relationship with an American race car driver doesn’t work? That’s right. Date a European race car driver. Of course we would be talking about Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky. Verstappen and Ahlin-Kottulinsky hit it off quickly as the two speed racers had nearly everything in common, but as you might be able to guess, things didn’t last. Maybe it was Max’s long lonely nights in Monaco. Who knows, but don’t be surprised if Mikaela shows her face again as these two really seem to get along.grodefridi verstappen

Next on Max’s rapidly growing list of ex-girlfriends is Joyce Godefridi. It appears that Godefridi’s main job is being an instragram model, so it probably comes as no surprise that Godefridi’s name first surfaced after Verstappen won last year’s Spanish Grand Prix. Rumor has it that this relationship is still ongoing, but don’t believe everything you hear. It lasted just about as long as you would expect. On to the next one.

AHloolaaAnd last but not least is Roos Van Aer Aa. Yes, I got the spelling of her name correct. Things didn’t work with the first European instragram model, so Max thought he would give it ago with another one. This time he made the decision to date a fellow Dutchman. Or should I say Dutchlady? Dutchwoman? No one knows if these two are still seeing each other, so keep your eyes peeled on Sunday. All the single ladies are angling to be spotted on the arm of the King. As you know, there is a reason that Monaco is the premier race weekend of the year.

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