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Just as Xi Jinping makes a visit to Florida to visit our fearless leader, F1 makes its way to Chhynna.  We don’t get political at The Newsletter, so I will spare you the obvious parallels between motor sport and the current state of international politics.  Go visit Rob’s facebook page if you are interested.



This is a lighthearted column.  We are not going to discuss the irony of NBC Sports announcers talking about clean vs. dirty air during the race.  The race is in Shanghai, clean air is harder to find than house keys in the bottom of a girl’s Longchamp bag.  Am I right ladies?

So what are the big stories going into the weekend.  Do I think China has been intentionally slowing down cars over the last few years?  Yes, of course.  Will Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel get caught sending R rated text messages to each other during the pre-race presser?  Yes I do (and there is nothing wrong with that).

The big topic to keep your beak wet this weekend is the Fernando Alonso retirement rumor.  He needs a big weekend, and you heard it here first, he is going to have one.  The UConn Lady Huskies just lost their first game in years.  Strange things are happening.  Alonso practically drives a mini van out there, but maybe the stars will align for him this weekend.  I would hate to see Fernando leave the sport on a such a bad note.  I wouldn’t blame him though.  He could retire to Spain, dine on tapas, take in a few flamenco shows with the WAG of the week.  Sounds pretty perfect.  No judgment from The Newsletter if Fernando decides to hang up his size 6 Puma racers this season.

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