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Daniil Kyvat was a rising star in Formula 1. Young buck, who jumped from the junior Red Bull team to the big show by his early 20’s.  Everything was looking up.  I am sure he splurged on a few items.  Maybe a few rounds of Vodka and Chicken Kievs to celebrate in the club.

Kyvat rams into the rear of Vettel one too many times, and then loses his seat seat at Red Bull, and now at Toro Rosso.  If the US government is reading this, I have had no direct communication with Kyvat or his camp.  Just a blogger here who wants to see a young driver get a second chance.

Also, his replacement at Toro Rosso is a guy by the name of Pierre.  Now I have no issue with the French, but we know how good Romain Grosjean has been over the years…The dude was suspended for causing too many wrecks.

My favorite Kyvat story is about him driving an F1 car before he had his real drivers license back in his Russian hometown.  Looks like he may need that license more than ever now.  Hopefully Uber doesn’t piss off the Russian government any time soon.

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