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  • How about Lews Hamilton going after Vettel?  Saying he has exposed his weakness.  Vettel can’t say much right now, will need to show something on track this weekend.  Can you imagine a slap fight between these two?
  • We don’t like to get political at The Newsletter, but we must address Lewis’ recent social media posts in support of the NFL players kneeling in protest.  I am all for Lewis backing up his fellow athletes on this one, but do any of the NFL players know who Lewis Hamilton is?
  • The big news within the paddock is definitely not Kyvat getting bounced.  We all saw that coming a mile away.  Kyvat’s fall from grace is something we never want to see.  Could this be the new US F1 ownership retaliating against Russian interference?  Again, we don’t like to get political here.
  • Felipe Massa continues his fake retirement road show, saying he is the man for Williams next year.  This is a guy who sobbed during his”final” races last season…
  • Rumor has it Fernando Alonso punched a hole in the wall of his hotel room following his early exit from the Singapore grand prix.  The Spaniard clearly has a temper, but it can’t take too much to punch through the walls of a Red Roof Inn.  McLaren is a bottom barrel team, no way they can afford the 5 star accommodations of McLaren yore.
  • To wrap things up this week, Lewis is still going strong as a vegan.  The Paris Climate agreement may be in limbo, but we can count on Lewis cutting out meat to save the day.

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