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Gotta let it burn

I wouldn’t call myself a Swifty, but you can count on me scrolling through Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist looking for new Taylor. So, I was tickled pink when bad girl Taylor Swift headlined the 2016 United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. Not to mention the post-race show of Usher and the Roots. I practically grew up on the Confessions album. Electric. Tough to top.

The COTA organizers certainly tried their best for 2017, however, rolling out Justin Timberlake on Saturday night and Stevie Wonder on Sunday evening. Timberlake is pure sex appeal. Stevie Wonder is… well, Stevie Wonder. This is where it gets

Not so innocent

complicated. Taylor Swift has made it clear that you are either with her or against her, so it’s time to pick sides. Swift & Usher or Timberlake & Wonder. Who yah got? Personally, I’m joining the Swiftys. Taylor is a nightmare dressed like a daydream and I’ve seen what she has done to Katy Perry. I don’t want that to happen to me. It breaks my heart to ditch Justin Timberlake but Taylor is going to show us incredible things. See you in Austin.

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