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Dear Pointers,

I am travelling to the US GP from over seas this weekend.  I know I need to ditch some of my Euro threads to fit in at the race, and festivities in and around Austin, but I need some guidance on how far to go with my look.

I know the one staple I need all weekend is my Make America Great Again hat, and I have ordered those in a few different colors.  Should I add anything else?  Appreciate the assist.


Rob, Sweden (via Charlestown)

A: Hi Rob,

Just hold on a minute with the new look.  Those hats are not the vibe you want to be giving off around the track and Austin.  Austin is a very hip, liberal city, you won’t get very far with your oversized Make America Great Again hats.  How about you stay with the basics.  Buy some Levis, boat shoes, and a short sleeve button down shirt.  Ditch the hats, pack a lip of tobacci, and have a soft cooler of Bud heavies.  Throw in a few “texas forevers” if you want.  This is going to go against everything I have written in the past, but I would prefer you wear a Ferrari hat than what you currently planning.

Good luck,


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