Max vs. The World

Last weekend in China, Max Verstappen made a move on track that caused both his car and Sebastian Vettel’s car to spin.  Both drivers had their eyes on a podium finish, and both drivers were out of the race after this incident.  You are now caught up on the facts of the Max/Seb incident in Shanghai.

The people who are telling Max to change his driving style are the same people who are applauding Daniel Ricciardo and the daring moves he made to win the race.  These same people are calling Fernando Alonso the greatest driver in F1.  The very Fernando Alonso who drove Sebastian Vettel off track in China.  And these same people are calling for Valteri Bottas’ seat after he failed to make a an aggressive move on Sebastian Vettel in Bahrain.

Max Verstappen is to F1 what Colonel Nathan Jessup is to the Marine Corps.  You want him on the track and you need him on the track.  So I would appreciate it if the fake news F1 media would get off of Max’s back and let him drive.

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