Max vs. Lewis

A lot has been made about the fender bender in Bahrain between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.  Every interview has started with questions about respect between drivers, apologies, who was at fault, etc…

I really don’t see what the fuss is all about.  Opening laps are always hectic, you need to make moves early, and Max did just that.  I would like to think I would make the same move in that situation.  And these guys aren’t supposed to be friends, they are competitors.  Max made a move, Lewis tried to stop him, Max’s car was damaged. Seems like a pretty clear racing incident.

Some people, including members of the F1 Newsletter Staff, believe Max is out of control and reckless.  Well, I would rather Max be driving for my team and making those gambles than have Valteri Bottas coasting to 2nd place.  But that is just me.

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