Lewis at Coachella

Lewis has had himself a time since we last saw him in China.  Apparently he received word that Beyonce’s performance at Coachella was Everything and had his pilot fly to California.  For those who don’t know, Coachella is a drug festival that has music playing in the background.  Lewis has a history of letting loose off of the track.  In the past, we have seen him lay down some tracks in the studio, get his mind off of racing, win championships.  Pretty much a perfect plan.

Who am I to say Lewis should be working with the team, getting the car setup right, instead of raving out in California?  Maybe he races to a win in Baku this weekend after getting his mind right with a mix of late nights, alcohol, and strobe lights.  I know that is always a good combination when I want to do my best at work.

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