Track Talking

Most people would take this time to rip apart Felipe Massa. He is retiring for the second time in 2 years. We all remember the lap around Brazil last year, tears in his eyes, his son running up to him. Well it is all going to happen again this year, get ready. 

But I am going to use this forum instead to rip Ferrari’s latest threat to leave Formula 1.  New regulations have been released for upcoming seasons, and Ferrari is not happy.  And you know this has Vettel’s name written all over it.

He is the guy in school who quit the touch football game as soon as he wasn’t allowed to play quarterback anymore. Vettel doesn’t want Ferrari in F1?  Fine, have fun in LA selling over priced red cars to reality stars, dude, and Ian Poulter.

Seb and Ferrari bosses don’t want anything to do the with the sport? Alright, I can live with that. But please don’t strip us of observing the coolest fan base out there. Where will the fans put the sunscreen and wallets without the Ferrari labeled fanny packs? How will they drive their mini vans without the red puma racing shoes?  Please Ferrari, think about the fans before you decide to leave. 

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