Charlie’s Chatter

  • Turns out Renault, of all people, tried to snatch Danny Ricciardo away from Red Bull for the 2018 season.
  • The musical chairs of Formula 1 drivers continues, but Sergio Perez says he is staying put at Force India.  Let’s try to get that contract signed, Sergio.
  • Felipe Massa informs Williams that they need to prove to him that they want him if he is to stay on for next year.  Bake Felipe some cookies, Williams, or this guy will fake retire again….
  • Potential friend of this publication, Fernando Alonso, says that he will NOT drive in the Indy 500 next year if he is still driving in Formula 1 since it conflicts with Monaco…Reading in between the lines here, I’m predicting this means Alonso will not be driving in Formula 1 next year since he enjoyed his Indy 500 experience so much last year.
  • HOWEVER, at the moment, the big announcement of the week is that Alonso will re-sign with McLaren next year but their cars will be powered by a Renault power unit….Fernando just continues to make headlines without sniffing the front of the grid
  • Sebastian Vettel says “easy is boring” and is not afraid of any of the races coming down the home stretch.  I hope he means it, but this quote screams of scared little German boy who just got his doll stolen on the playground.

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