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Episode 12 – 2017 Belgian GP Recap

After a much needed summer break the bad boys of podcasting return to the airwaves to recap the Belgian, or is it Belgium, Grand Prix. Staff member Rob is MIA but Andrew, John and Charlie hold down the fort. We discuss the ongoing drama between McLaren-Honda and Fernando Alonso, what to do about the Force India boys and how we would all replace Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari. John and Andrew also play a mean trick on Charlie which has him questioning everything he has ever done. Bon appetit.

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Episode 10 – 2017 British GP Recap

After a staff retreat to Wells, Maine, the bad boys of podcasting return to the studio for a fantastic episode. The guys recap the British Grand Prix, congratulate themselves on their terrific success and shout out a few lucky listeners. Once again, Rob takes our explicit rating a little too seriously but redeems himself in ‘Hot in the Streets’ and in our new segment ‘GoT Plots.’ Enjoy.  

Episode 6 – 2017 Spanish GP Recap

Baby Will replaces Andrew this week as the crew discusses the last race in Barcelona. In typical fashion, Rob wants to talk about the mediocre teams and struggles to keep up with the latest internet trends. John convinces Charlie that it is in racing’s best interest for Alonso to drive a competitive car in the States rather than another DNF in F1. And the whole crew goes in on the crying Ferrari snowflake who gets his way in the end.

Episode 5 – 2017 Bahrain & Russian GP Recap

After a brief three week hiatus, the Premium Unleaded boys return to Podlife for a special double feature episode. The crew chomps on mixed nuts, recap both the Bahrain and Russian Grand Prix and kick off a heated debate on Fernando Alonso’s “vacation” to Indy Car. Make sure to listen to the entire episode as John tries to get a job with Red Bull and we introduce a new segment called hot in the streets. Enjoy.