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Welcome back to “WAG of the Week!” The staff here at The F1 Newsletter took quite a bit of heat last week for not including everyone’s favorite column in the 2017 Australian GP newsletter. All those doubts and questions can be put to rest, however, as we are back in full swing with our regular edition of the newsletter.

The 2017 F1 season is off to a fresh start with each and every driver thinking he has a shot at true love. The new year also means a new girlfriend for your boy Fernando Alonso. You may be asking yourself, “Wasn’t Alonso dating some Russian girl about this time last year?” Well, you would be correct. Last year’s fling was 21-year-old Instagram model Viki Odintcova. This year’s sidepiece is 28-year-old Italian fashion model Linda Morselli.

The couple first revealed their budding relationship in February when Alonso posted an adorable selfie picture. Alonso better watch out, however, as Morselli seems to have a soft spot for speed racers. Morselli has been previously linked with MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, and with Alonso unable to win a race, Morselli may have her sights set on dreamboat Daniel Ricciardo. For now, all is well. Morselli seems to be head over heels for Alonso. She recently took to instagram to profess her love: “Love. The one with a capital L. What makes you feel alive, a better person. That love which is the air for my lungs. Sweet words for the lips.” How poetic.


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