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Another edition of ‘Wag of the Week’ has come and gone which means even more feedback from our fervent readers. Word on the street is that the people want more drama and salacious rumors from the column. Well, what our readers want, our readers get. It is time to break down the always fascinating love life of Lewis Hamilton.

If you haven’t heard by now, Lewis Hamilton broke up with his long time girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger, roughly two years ago. Since then, Hamilton has been linked with numerous women including, but not limited to, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna. Let’s add to the list beginning with Rita Ora. Ora is a 26-year-old British singer and actress and was linked to Lewis Hamilton throughout the 2016 summer. In July, Hamilton was spotted leaving Ora’s house after spending the night but that is the last we heard of those two.

Hamilton seemed to have moved onto 23-year-old Hungarian model and actress Barbara Palvin. Palvin was seen leaving the British racer’s hotel this past September as well as being spotted at the European, Huangarian and Monaco Grand Prix. As best we can tell, this was a one night stand and love has not flourished between the two.

Last but not least we come to Winnie Harlow. This relationship seems to have the most potential as Harlow and Hamilton have posted a number of Instagram photos together and we all know that is what is most important when looking for love. Harlow is a 22-year-old Canadian fashion model, spokesperson and activist. The two have been hanging out quite a bit lately but one source has told us, “It’s nothing serious at the moment. Lewis is just playing the field, but he really likes Winnie.” So let’s wait and see. I think we would all like to see Lewis Hamilton finally find love.

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