Tyre Me Out

Quick turnaround from Austin to Mexico City.  Must be a heck of a stop at customs.  I know I can barely get across with an aerosol deodorant can.  Cannot imagine how you sneak across a couple of Formula Un cars and a truck load of Pirellis.  Good luck.

Always a great race south of the border.  We are looking at a 1 stopper I would say.  These guys are going to come out hot on the soft or super soft compounds.  Take those 15 laps or so, and then nurse the Mediums for 50+ laps.

This race is going to come down to who gets a jump at the start and who can make those soft tires count in the beginning.  This all changes of course when someone causes an incident, probably Ferrari, but tough to predict that outcome.  If it were me, I would go Super, Super, Soft.  You need to have faith in your pit crew to swap out those tires quickly.  But I am sitting at home watching the race, so who is to say.

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