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Well, it takes a whole heck of a lot to root for Lewis over someone else, and the Big Baby Sebastian Vettel has done just that.  You probably could have guessed who I would come down on this week, but it is not Seb himself.   In times like these, when grown men throw a fit and act like a child, you really must turn to the parents.   Where were the parents?  How could they raise someone with this kind of temperament.

Now I don’t know Seb’s parents personally, I am sure they are nice people.  But they need to issue an apology to the F1 world for their actions in this mess.  Seb has apologized, which is great, but we need to hear it from the people at the heart of this problem.  And I will not be made whole until that happens.

As for how this plays out in Austria?  I think F1 drivers should take a page out of the Major League Baseball book.  Bottas needs to retaliate against a Ferrari driver.  Got to support your teammate and take out Raikkonen.  C’mon Valtteri, do the right thing, you know your role on Mercedes.


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