Track Talking

I am reading news about Lewis contemplating retirement now.  What is going on here?  Nico retires young, Massa retires but then decides to come back to the sport.  Jenson retires to go running and to ride his bike.

Is F1 any more demanding than other sports?  Football players need to be ripped from a team roster before they will retire.  These snowflake F1 drivers get a little tired and have a little more competition than they would like so they would rather hang up their driving gloves.  I don’t get it.

No doubt we see some fake retirements in the States as well.  But these drivers seem to be using this as a threat or PR stunt.  The fans aren’t cheering for them as loudly as they would like, or their gear isn’t selling as well, so they go to a Sky Sports reporter and hint at retirement.

I do know this, if Lewis is able to focus his time and mind on laying down some tracks in the studio, his retirement will be well worth it.  I will be first in line at Best Buy to purchase that CD.  I hear his stuff has Drake rhymes with Kanye swagger.


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