Track Talking

You can say what you want about F1 drivers, but they have style dripping from the rafters.  The coolest shirts, the flyest denim, tribal tattoos.  These guys have it all.  Lewis looks like a tool, but he has his ear to the fashion world.  Seb is the guy you would swirly from 1st – 12th grade, but he is rocking some jeans that you could never pull off.  To be in the F1 world, your wardrobe needs to be on point at all times.

So how am I supposed to rise the F1 blogging ranks when I go into Men’s Wearehouse to pick up my suit for the weekend, and they try to put me clown pants.  I am not kidding when I say Chris Christie would have room to breath in the pants they tried to put me in.  The sales manager had the nerve to say, “So everything seems to fit well”.  These were late term pregnancy pants, not something you wear to break down the dance floor at a wedding.

I mean, my entire reputation as an F1 blogger/podcaster is on the line 24/7.  Can you imagine what would happen if a reader saw me out, wearing pants so wide I could parachute into Normandy? Not going to happen.  So you better believe right after I gave the guy my credit card, I kindly asked for a smaller size.  Sometimes you just need to put your foot down.


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