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Welcome to the premier race weekend of the year.  Not really for the avid race fan, but for the layman, it is a great event.  For the fan who enjoys gaining instagram followers over horse power, this race is for you.

If you prefer watching Bravo’s Below Deck, instead of watching free practice 1 or 2, then you will probably enjoy this weekend’s race in Monaco.  Take a look at the stack of magazines on your coffee table.  Are they mostly made up of old People magazines, covered with pictures of that pampered Prince George, probably crying?  Then you better tune into the race this weekend.

And I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression.  We encourage all viewers to tune into race weekend.  Let’s face it, It is good for business.  I am not trying to paint all Monaco race weekend fans with one brush.  But if you are watching Mario Lopez in anything other than Saved by the Bell, then you better tune in this weekend.

I have a good time watching practice sessions on my couch without any commentary, sipping on a bud light.  I don’t need to watch from some sheik’s 150′ yacht.  Nothing wrong with that, but be careful, don’t fall into some Taken like scene.  This race is not for the true petrol head, we all know that.  But do yourself a favor and tune in.  It has a little bit of everything going on.

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