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Welcome to Russia.  Everyone knows the typical story lines.  Danii Kyvat’s home race.  He will mess it up by turn 3.  Ferrari vs. Mercedes, we get it, Ferrari is punching above their weight this year.  I won’t bore you with stuff you have read daily on Sky Sports for  I am going to take this opportunity to sound off about Fernando Alonso’s decision to skip the Monoco Grand Prix, and take his talents to Indianapolis to run in the Indy 500.

I have heard from a member or two on The Newsletter staff who think this is a bad idea, or that it is unfair to the other drivers in the paddock who are fighting for championship points.  I have to disagree.  Alonso is a driver, he is an alpha, I see a lot of my younger self in Fernando.  He needs a competitive car to take to the limit.  Honda cannot give that to him right now within F1.  And guess what, I don’t usually watch Indy Car, but I am definitely going to watch the five-hunderd this year to see how Alonso does.  This is business 101.

Other drivers around F1 are even taking shots at Alonso.  I cannot believe the stones these guys have to comment on Fernando’s driving career.  Most of these guys would be lucky to change the oil on one of his super cars back home.  Here is a tip, put your helmet on and consider yourself fortunate to have a ride next year, leave Fernando alone.

Fernando is coming to America, keep your wives and girlfriends far away, that is the best advice I can give you.

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