Track Talking

We’ve got a night race folks.  While this would excite most people, it’s gotta be tough for Little Max Verstappen.  As the big boys are finding their spots on the grid, young Max will be getting tucked into bed by his mommy.

It seems like F1’s top dog, Lewis Hamilton, is loving his new found Ferrari competition.  He can’t stop complimenting the prancing horses, and how Mercedes is the underdog heading into Bahrain.  That is cute…I can’t wait for Lewis and Sebastian to get a little too close in a corner and this happy couple gets in their first fight.  There is a little too much love this season.  I can’t believe I am saying this, but bring that joker Nico back.  Formula 1 needs some more animosity.

I also enjoyed hearing that Jenson Button will be making his return to F1 for the Monaco GP.  It is fortunate that he will be replacing Alonso in the McLaren car…great way to ease his way back into the sport…since his car will be slow.

After watching the last race on a 56k internet connection, it will be nice to watch the cars move around like they are not straight out of a cartoon flip book this week.  Back-to-back race weekends is a treat worthy of Easter weekend.  I’ll catch you folks when the lights go out, and let’s see if anyone not named Lewis or Sebastian can resurrect their seasons on Sunday.

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