Paddock Pointers

Generic 1960s pic of a father and son scene.


Heyyyy, question, how come I don’t have a boyfriend? thanks, bye.


Well, this is a tough one, but we don’t back down from the hard questions here at the Newsletter.


Have you ever been to an F1 race? Men all over the place. Cool European guys even. I suggest staying away from the Ferrari, fanny pack wearing, dudes, but the guy to girl ratio is easily 10:1. These races are like shooting fish in a barrel for a single girl.


I suggest keeping the conversation to a minimum.  Guys hate chatting about your last spin class or OPI nail polish color as a car goes by at 200 mph.  Offer to buy a round of Heinekens for the boys and you will have yourself a new roommate  before the chequered flag is waved.


You won’t be the first or the last person to find love at an F1 race.


We will be standing by the open bar at your wedding.


-Pointer Brothers

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