Race Rewind – Italian GP

As I type these words, I am saddened that the great Roman poet Virgil did not exist on this earth long enough to observe, and document a Formula 1 race at Monza.  I will do my best to pick up where the great story teller left off.  Join me as we recap the 2017 Italian Grand Prix.
Qualifying was an absolute mess.  A rain soaked race track left many a spectator
wondering if my favorite part of every weekend would even take place.  At the end of the day, Lewis was on top, and grid penalties determined much of the rest. If you woke up on Sunday wondering why a young Canadian was lined up next to Lewis Hamilton, you were not alone.
The beginning of the bout, like many race Sundays, was hair raising.  For me, the start of a F1 race evokes the same emotions as when the horses at Suffolk Downs bolt out of the starting gates.  There is a moment, right after the last light goes out, and right before the first full rotation of the tyre, where anything is possible.  Maybe this week your driver makes makes that inspiring inside move, or there is a crash that shakes up the entire race.  Lucky for us, we get to watch this happen twenty times a year.
Early in lap 1, it looked as though Ferrari might make a day out of it after Kimi passed Bottas, and Vettel was smelling blood.  You could imagine it, couldn’t you?  Vettel over taking Bottas, and then having his way with the young Canadian and Ocon ahead.  Giving Lewis a challenge.  But that feeling was fleeting, wasn’t it?  Bottas quickly took back that spot, Lewis ran a flawless race, and Vettel cruised into a safe third place finish.
Some may say the result was predictable.  Maybe so.  But for those of you who watched, and heard those engines come to life as the lights went out, you know the truth.  There is always a chance that we will see something spectacular, and that is why we come back every race day.

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