Paddock Pointers – Monaco GP

Dear Pointer Brothers,

I have quite an issue for you.  I unfortunately made an acquaintance on a recent vacation with an over eager gentleman.  Even worse, he claims to be an F1 fan, and would like to attend a Grand Prix in the future.  How do I get rid of this F1 clinger, and avoid the same mistake in the future?

Answer : 

Wow.  We all have been in this situation before, and I feel your pain.  No one wants to find themselves having to constantly avoid an unwanted friendship, especially on vacation.  On the one hand, it is always good to crash into a fellow Formula 1 fan, but it needs to be on your own terms.  In fact, this whole situation seems suspect to me.  I would question his knowledge of the sport, and potentially intimidate him with your extensive F1 dedication.  He probably also claims that he is a scratch golfer…

Here is what you do…tell him you are going to his local grand prix, and that you will meet him there.  Once the day arrives, just don’t show and claim that your phone died.  There are a hundred thousand people at these events.  By the time he searches through the whole crowd, the race will be over, and you will be in the clear.  The last thing you want to do is be honest with him.  We call this “ghosting.”  Perhaps this will be the next “Explain it to Rob” segment in Premium Unleaded….

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