Paddock Pointers

“Son, did I ever tell you my favorite F1 story?”

Question 1:

Hey Pointer Brothers,

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but after the long August break, I’ve forgotten where things stand in the Drivers’ Championship and the Constructor Championship. Also, my “friend” has forgotten who he was rooting for this season. How can I get back up to racing speed quickly?

Answer 1: 

You have come to the right place. The F1 Newsletter is the perfect place to get familiar with all things F1. If you are looking for dry facts, like the standings, you can’t go wrong with the official Formula 1 website. It has the Drivers standings and the Constructors standings. You’ll see that Vettel has a narrow lead over Hamilton but Mercedes is the leading team. You won’t go wrong by checking out some of the older The F1 Newsletters to jog your memory on the most worthy story lines.

Question 2:

Hey Pointer Brothers,

I’m back. I’ve took your advice and read some of the previous newsletters but that just raised more questions! I remember that my favourite driver is rumoured to be changing teams. If he does, is my allegiance to the driver or to the team?

Answer 2: 

Oh boy, we certainly have jumped straight to the hottest of the hot questions. There are going to be ideologues that argue it’s one or the other, but the truth about humans is that we are complicated and have many identities. Just like an onion. The mark of a truly sophisticated man or woman is the ability to hold two conflicting ideas in his or her head. So if a hated driver moves onto your team you have to root for him to win and simultaneously to lose (or be crashed out by Kyvat). Maybe you decide that a P3 finish is a good compromise. Good luck!

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