Paddock Pointers

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Hey Pointer Brothers,

I’m getting up there in years, and looking to invest in a vacation home.  I think the obvious choices are beach, lake, or in close proximity to an F1 circuit.  How do I chose?



We will all face this decision at some point in our lives.  Do we get some property near an F1 track for that race that happens once a year, and could potentially get removed from the calendar?  Seems like a sound investment to me.  BUT I think you are better suited buying a place by a lake or beach.  Let the sound of the water and/or loons in the morning bring you peace.  Come race week, however, you better make sure your cabin is equipped to play that race.  We at The Newsletter also believe in lads trip to a race each year.  Pick a circuit, and go experience that city.  You won’t be disappointed, but your missus might be…that’s a topic for another paddock though.

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