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Hey Boys,  I know the drivers often face tough weather conditions.  It gets very hot on the track and driving isn’t easy, they can really work up a sweat.  I am heading to a wedding this weekend and the forecast calls for very hot and humid days.  Do you have an sartorial tips for a guy trying to get his dance on, but who doesn’t want to look like a mess?



Great question, this is a tough situation.  For starters, you cannot kill the dance floor and stay completely dry.  It just can’t happen.  If you are not sweating on the dance floor, you are not dancing hard enough.  So get that thought out of your head.  But, that does not mean you have to look like you just got out of the swimming pool.  Here is my suggestion, stay with light materials.  Linen, maybe a cotton/linen blend.  No wool though.  Also, get rid of that tie and jacket early.  Loosen up, live a little.  Put your tie around your forehead.  The most important thing to remember, stay hydrated.  Mix in a few waters.

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  1. I would recommend switching to a nice race t-shirt as soon as dinner is over. You know that the car constructors make their shirts out of top notch wicking materials. That’s why they cost $80!

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