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Q: Hello Ladies,

First time, long time here.  I am thinking about getting into the F1 game.  I have some natural skills behind the wheel and have put in the time playing racing games on my console.


I know drivers usually start at a younger age, I am 34, so I want to get your take on my chances of getting a ride on an F1 team.  It would not necessarily need to be on a title contender, although that would be a plus.

Thank you for all you do,

Future World Champ


A: Hey Champ,

So the team doesn’t need to be a title contender?  Well that changes my answer…

I don’t want to come down too hard on you here, because this is your dream, but people come to Paddock Pointers for straight talk, and that is what I am going to give.

Dude, the closest you are going to get to an F1 Paddock will probably be selling programs as the fans enter the track.  I don’t care how fast you drive your car on the highway or how many times you have won a Mario Kart grand prix, those things do not translate to Formula 1.  Drivers are getting younger and younger.  Most of the rising stars would need fake IDs in the US to buy a beer.

Were you a decent student?  Maybe you can be a travelling tutor for Max Verstappen to help him pass his C levels.

Also, most drivers get their start karting as a young child.  It is probably not a great look for a 34 year old to be hanging around a karting track.  Stick to your day job, watch the F1 races, go travel to a few of the exotic races if you can, but I would advise you to give up the driving dream.  Truth hurts sometimes.

The Boys


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