Paddock Pointers

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Q: Dear Pointer Sisters,

First time, long time here.  Thank you for all of the free content.  Really keeps me going during the off weeks.  Working for the weekend right?  Except most weekends don’t have races, so kind of like working for every other weekend.  And then there is the summer break, when we don’t have any races for an entire month.


Really hoping you guys don’t take a summer break too!  Not sure what I will do with myself.  I feel like I know you guys so well. From reading the blogs, listening to the podcast, watching you guys commute to work, going through your trash…

I am just really not sure why you guys don’t return any of my messages or phone calls though!  You would think that your #1 fan would get a little recognition!  But I get it, you guys are busy right, I get that.  We are all busy, busy time of year.  But maybe you a** holes could at least wave to me when I am standing outside!  I can feel myself getting a little worked up, but I am not obsessed, OK, just want to make sure that is clear.  I like your stuff, but c’mon, just a loyal reader/listener.

Your Greatest Fan,

Racer Stan


A: Hey Stan…..

Not sure I saw a real question in there, but definitely a lot to unpack.  I want to say, all F1 fans are welcome here.  This is an open, safe space, for all racing fans.  That being said, I think we need to set some boundaries…

We are totally cool with you following our social media accounts (@theF1newsletter), or downloading/rating/reviewing our podcast (Premium Unleaded), which is available on iTunes, or subscribing to our newsletter (  But I think we may need to draw the line at following us home from work and knowing our sleep schedules.

We have families who don’t really understand the passion some of our fans have.  Trust us, it is not the F1 Newsletter guys telling you to take a step back.  We want to make it absolutely clear that we appreciate your loyalty and support, but please don’t kidnap us.

The Boys


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