Paddock Pointers – 2017 Spanish GP

Dear Pointer Brothers,

We all know it is wedding season.  And weddings are super fun, but they have a knack of overlapping F1 race weekends.  Do you have any tips on how a guy can juggle the road of formula 1 with the emotion of a ying finding her yang?

Answer : 

Awesome question, we all struggle with this juggling act.  How do you watch practice, qualifying, and the race while still attending the rehearsal, ceremony, and nurse a post-wedding hangover.  It is almost impossible.  But this is what I will say, you can’t have it all.  You can’t have your red velvet cake and eat it too, if you know what I mean.  If you are in the wedding party, best you can do is watch the race on replay Sunday.  Sorry, those are facts.  If you are a plus 1 at this thing, quali and the race on DVR are definitely doable.  Pick your battles, chat up the coolest looking dude at the wedding, odds are he is an F1 fan himself.  Sneak off to the card room and fire up the NBC app.  You are resourceful, party, darty, and watch the race.  Just don’t be the guy at the table with his cell phone out while everyone else is getting low to the Isley Brothers.

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