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Q : Hello F1 Staff,
I moved into a new office building and have some issues with the building ID policy. These baby boomers all wear their IDs on their pant pocket. Now when you go into the men’s bathroom, it is just a long line of trousers and photo IDs hanging below the stall door. I would really prefer to keep things a little more anonymous, any suggestions?
Thanks, Backed Up
A : Well you certainly have a problem on your hands here. The bathroom stall is the 21st century’s smoking break. You need that little mental break to browse your snapface apps. So this is tough. I think you need to make a fashion statement that starts to catch on. Something a little bold, maybe a nice little male choker with the photo ID hanging off, instead of on the hip pocket.  If you are a little more reserved, go for a cool lanyard.  Maybe get something custom made with your favorite catch phrase around the office. I am guessing you are a guy who just says “LOL” instead of actually laughing. Going with that.


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  1. I don’t like to quibble, but I think you’ve got the pant thing all wrong. No self-respecting Baby Boomer uses the term pant to refer to trousers. There are places where using the term pant to refer to a guy’s trousers could get a person in serious trouble — in a (motorcycle) biker bar, for instance. For further discussion of this matter I refer you to

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