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Dear Pointers,

Hockey season just started, the MLB playoffs are underway and there is lots of football on Saturdays and Sundays. As any sports fan knows, a big draw is watching the game with fellow members of your tribe.

The problem I’m having with F1 is that everyone seems to be undercover! How can I find a fellow fan to watch the race with?

Dear Reader,

We feel your pain. If we hadn’t started watching F1 with the other writers of The F1 Newsletter, we’d be in the same predicament. Fortunately, you’ve picked the perfect race weekend to start waving your flag — the Japanese GP. F1 fans in Japan are famous for making elaborate hats to show their support. Plus, the hats add downforce and make you quicker in the corners.


You should start making yours immediately. If you are short on time, the internet has everything for sale.

Now if you have really flowing locks that shouldn’t be hidden by a hat or if you are so tall that you wouldn’t make it through a doorway with these hats on, you will have to try another way to display your F1 fandom.

No one but a Lewis Hamilton fanboy would wear one of those ugly Mercedes hats, so you could try that. Or you could go for a super subtle approach with a Ferrari keychain. When you casually pull your car keys out at the checkout counter, don’t be surprised if that chick you were trying to impress takes note. You’ll just have to make sure you lose her in the parking lot so she doesn’t see you getting into your Toyota Prius. 

Whatever you do, go forth and spread the F1 gospel.



– Pointer Brothers

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