Paddock Pointers

Dear Pointers,

I saw that Kimi Raikonnen wasn’t exactly broken up about this year being the last race in Malaysia. If I’m not mistaken he said, “the only thing you see is the airport, the hotel next to the airport and the circuit.” That sounds an awfully lot like my business trips. I have a grueling four day cross country trip starting Sunday night. How do I maintain my sanity? Not sure how many more “business meals” I’m going to survive.

Dear Reader,

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  Arrive in some middle America city a little later than you would like due to a delay at the airport.  Unfortunately, you weren’t able to sleep on the flight since the gentleman next to you couldn’t quite limit himself to his area, and needed to commandeer some of yours…at least he didn’t try to talk to you.

After throwing your garment bag down on your Marriott bed, you take a brief look at the modern “art” hanging on the wall, and wonder who you ticked off to end up here….but it isn’t all that bad!  The key to surviving a business trip is to limit how much business you are actually doing.  I understand you need to go to meetings during the day, but if possible, make as many excuses as possible to avoid the group dinners.  I always like the “Wish I could, but need to catch up on some things.  Maybe I’ll meet up for a drink later!”  Of course you never will meet them, but they don’t know that.  After dodging these people, find a nice pace to eat by yourself.  Order a pint, an appetizer, entree, and dessert.  Think of this time like a mini vacation, and you will make it through.

– Pointer Brothers

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