Paddock Pointers

Dear Pointers,

I have been working up the courage to write in for a little while now.  I listen to all of the podcasts and feel like I really know you guys now.  So here goes.  I have been thinking of growing a mustache, here is what I am ideally going for  <—-

As you can see, not the easiest look to pull off, but I already have the ring and cigarette, so just need the stache to complete.  I know I will never been an F1 driver, but I think with a look like this, I could at least get into some of the parties during grand prix weekend.  What are your thoughts?



Dear Arthur Shelby,

You have come to the right place.  Here at the Newsletter, we all have this look and are doing quite well with it.  (READ: this look landed us our respective ladies).  Now you can’t just talk the talk with this look, you need to walk the walk.  No one likes a poser.  Definitely grow your own mustache.  People can tell if you are wearing a toupe on your upper lip.

And if you can’t get into a premier F1 party, i bet you could wander around Brooklyn and get some barista gig.  Good luck.

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