Moment in History

Well, take a seat, class is about to begin.  It is that time of year again, time for the night race in Singapore.

It wasn’t always a night race though.  The first Singapore grand prix was held in 1961.  An exciting year.  John F Kennedy was bringing in a new decade of excitement, which no doubt led to motor sport fever across the globe.  And Singapore was quick to jump in.  They did miss the mark with the original naming.  The first Singapore GP week was part of a tourism campaign called “Visit Singapore – The Orient Year”.  Could use some work…

That inaugural grand prix included motorcycle and car racing.  In fact, a Honda powered motorcycle took home 1st place in 1961.  I wonder if the current Honda F1 engine just may be better suited to power 2 wheels rather than 4.  😂😂😂

Enough laughs for one moment in history.  That first grand prix also had a race for what they call “Saloon and tourers”.  Would love to see those cars come back in vogue.

I suppose one of our staff writers is attempting to bring back this type of racing with his mini van.  Ok, now I am done with the jokes.

So yada yada yada, and the race returns to Singapore in 2008 to be night race that we all know and love.  We have historically seen carnage in Singapore, safety car out every year.  History often repeats itself in F1, so buckle up.

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