How He Got There

This week’s How He Got There is all about the Russian driver on the grid, Daniil Kyvat.  Kyvat is probably one of the more reviled drivers around the F1 paddock, but it wasn’t always that way.  You will see how he went from a simple village boy in Russia, to international star living in Monaco.

It all starts with Kyvat’s father, who is a wealthy businessman, and the move they made from the city of Ufa to Moscow.  Daniil started karting in Moscow.  All teenagers in Russia begin karting after their studies, but not all show the promise that young Daniil did.  He quickly rose the ranks from the kart track to the the big boy cars of GP3 and F1.

The famous Kyvat story came around his 19 birthday, when he was a young F1 driver with his on track super license, but funny enough, could not even drive a regular car back in his native Russia.  Can you imagine?!  How silly.

But Kyvat now is seen as a nuisance on track, often ending his own race, and the race of many others early.  As this issue goes to publication, Daniil is hovering around the penalty threshold that would result in a race suspension.  One more incident, and you will see a very unhappy Russia roaming around the paddock.  At least this will give him time to get that Russian drivers license….

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