Charlie’s Chatter

  • Fernando Alonso has decided to forgo the historic Monaco Grand Prix in favor of the Indy 500. Yes, the oval circuit Indianapolis 500. I guess Fernando didn’t want the chance to show how good the McLaren Honda is in the corners.
  • Alonso’s absence opens the door for a Jensen Button return. The 37-year-old British racing driver is a fan favorite and we hope to see him on track this Memorial Day weekend.

  • Formula One may be hitting the streets on London in the near future. A law change allowing motor racing on London’s public roads opens the door for a London based grand prix.
  • In case you missed it, Sebastian Vettel took a liberal approach to lining up on the starting grid last weekend at the Chinese Grand Prix. The extreme angle that Vettel took has race organizers considering a rule change as the current regulations are ambiguous.
  • Could we see a mix-up at Ferrari this off-season? Following Kimi Raikkonen’s struggles at the Chinese Grand Prix, Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne publicly criticized the Finn. Maybe there is a chance Alonso returns to Ferrari?
  • Force India believes 20-year-old Esteban Ocon has the same potential as young Max Verstappen. Perhaps the FIA needs to send a drug tester into the Force India paddock.

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