Charlie’s Chatter

  • It’s officially transfer rumour season but two names you won’t hear are Kimi Raikonnen and Stoffel Vandoorne. Both drivers signed contract extensions during the summer break.
  • Things are getting interesting between Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel. The two parties appear to be engaged in an old fashioned Mexican standoff. Will Vettel leave the prancing horses for greener pastures in Bavaria?
  • Mercedes continues to keep Bottas in limbo. One might think third place in the Drivers’ standings would earn you another contract, but Mercedes hasn’t signed Bottas to an extension. Perhaps they are keeping the spot open for a certain German driver whose name rhymes with metal?
  • Fancy yourself a reader, eh? Grab yourself a copy of Jensen Button’s new autobiography. ‘Life to the Limit’ is coming out in October.
  • Honda spent the summer break negotiating with Toro Rosso to become their engine supplier for the 2018 season. The discussions were fruitless, however, so it looks like McLaren is stuck with Honda for the foreseeable future.
  • Honda have only just reached the level of performance with its engine that it was hoping to achieve in pre-season, per their F1 chief Yusuke Hasegawa. Yikes.
  • Lewis Hamilton spent his summer break posting dumb pictures to Instagram. Surprise surprise.
  • The FIA is reportedly considering a driverless safety car in the near future. With autonomous driving technology on the rise we may see this sooner than expected.

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