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  • Let’s talk engine suppliers. Turns out Sauber has declined a partnership with Honda for the 2018 season. It is hard to imagine McLaren dropping Honda, but is it possible Honda is forced out of Formula 1?
  • Rumor has it that Aston Martin wants to take their rivalry with Ferrari onto the track. The British company is considering joining Formula 1 as an engine supplier when the new powertrain rules come into effect in 2021. Aston Martin already sponsors Red Bull…
  • When we canceled the WAG of the Week column we promised more WAG content in Charlie’s Chatter, so here goes. Romain Grosjean announced on Twitter that his wife is expecting their third child. It wasn’t the only major news announced on twitter this week.
  • As discussed on this week’s Premium Unleaded, Max Verstappen is still tied down. He has been dating Joyce Godefridi since June of 2016.
  • Sebastian Vettel says he is in no rush to sign a new Ferrari contract but insists there is “nothing wrong” and expects to stay with the team beyond 2017. Where there is smoke there is fire?
  • Formula E (as in Electric) has been a hot topic this week. Alonso says he has no interest in driving in Formula E while Felipe Massa has said he could see himself in a Formula E car as early as next year. Rumor has it retired driver Nico Rosberg could be pushing for the Mercedes team manager in Formula E.
  • It is pretty much unanimous. All the drivers hate the halo concept.
    • “F1 cars aren’t meant to be ugly. There is a reason a Ferrari is more exciting than a Mazda”  – Magnussen.
    •  “As soon as I have that thing [halo] on my car I don’t like it so the excitement is gone before I’m even in the car.” – Verstappen
    • “Aesthetically it’s definitively not the nicest thing we’ve put on the car.” – Vandoorne
    • “Halo needs a lot of work right now, but I am sure the system will be improved a lot.” – Perez
    • “I’m still going to race, I won’t retire, but I was never a big supporter of the halo. Still not.” – Hulkenberg
  • Max Verstappen says he no longer takes Sebastian Vettel’s criticism seriously due to the German’s own controversial moments recently. Vettel accused Verstappen of moving under braking during the British GP and said post-race that the Red Bull driver was “jumpy” and needed to “calm down”.
  • Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will be treated equally for as long as they are both in the championship race. Somehow I find that hard to believe.

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