2017 Technical Changes

Tech Changes

Wider Tyres:
These boys are low key thicc. Rear wheels look like a Ford pickup with duallys, NRA sticker on the back.  These new tires give the car a mean look that screams grip.  The big tires also mean less degradation.  One stop races were rare in 2016; won’t be the case in 2017. Drivers will be pushing these cars to the limit all race, we will see how this plays out, but it could mean the rich get richer, rather than a more competitive race. Sometimes the fans don’t know what they want.
Wider and lower wing:
The new wing is completely different. It has a much lower profile. The goal with this change is to provide increased down force, a common theme in 2017.  I think they look cool, almost makes me want to add some custom body work to my ride.  One thing is for sure, these new wings have much smaller real estate for sponsors.  In motor sport, always follow the dollars.  Happy sponsor equals a powerful team.
Weird fin:
Yeah, this thing looks weird.  I honestly cannot tell if I love it or hate it. The retro look is cool, something you see in a Leave it to Beaver episode on the neighbor’s new Cadillac as they drive to get malteds. But I think it may be a little gimmicky.  Some teams are playing with different paint jobs on these things to make them blend in a bit more.  The goal here is to help channel the airflow to the wing.  I am no engineer, but it looks like this shark fin is above the wing, you tell me how this is going to work.

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